Contributing Articles

STAND is always looking for more tips, more connections, and more ways to support RLSH. Each month we’ll feature several reader’s articles. If you have something relevant that you’d like to share through an article, we’d be happy to pass it on to our readers. Here are a few guidelines:

What’s the ideal length for your article? Glad you asked. Here at STAND we believe that content is king, and have no limits on length other than what’s realistically going to keep the reader’s attention. If you’re still wondering, here’s a link to an article about blog length:

What is the best and most optimal blog post length?

*Mild profanity – Sure, at home some of us might swear like sailors, but let’s keep it relatively clean on this site, please.

*No bashing or trash-talking of other RLSH. It’s not tolerated here, and let’s face it – it’s just bad form.

*We don’t edit your content, so please be sure to proofread carefully. Everyone commits typo errors every now an d then (<–see?), but if WE can’t understand what you’re saying, neither will your readers.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Please send all article submissions to:

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