Current Events and Hero Happenings 2/13/17


RLSH Weekly News from Phantasm

ø The new Hopeforce website went live this week.

ø The New York Initiative volunteered at Room to Grow, helping to box and sort donations. They also supprted refugees and immigrants at the West Chester Resistance Rally in White Plains New York.

ø Red Diamond,who’s going to school for a private investigator’s license, has started investigating a cold case from 1943, the real life murder of the actor who played The Masked Marvel.

ø Rock N Roll and Nightbug announced a webseries where they’ll travel across the country, specifically to meet and interview other RLSH. This is a follow-up to Taking Initiative: Nation of Heroes, where they met heroic people across the U.S.

ø Miss Fit announced her St Jude Warrior Fundraiser.

ø Rook D’Magus shared the new poster for Meaningful Magic, his charity that puts on magic shows at homeless shelters.

ø Blue Beacon performed random acts of kindness around Raleigh, North Carolina. She also did some urban exploring in an abandoned aqueduct.

ø Xtreme Justice shared their videos/photos on patrol.

ø The California Initiative picked up needles, provided security for a group of students doing homeless outreach, and provided meals and wellness checks.

Upcoming Events from Rock N Roll

The XJL’s Winter Outreach is coming up on February 18! Details in the flyer below.


The Initiative-wide Project HOPE is on March 18! Details in the flyer below.

More Project HOPE events coming up soon! Check this space for updates!

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