Hot Topic: Summertime Safety by Rock N Roll


I love the summer! If I could, I’d pack up all my winter gear and walk around in sundresses and sandals all day long. Hawaii is my second home, but as soon as I can, I’ll make it my permanent home.

Unfortunately, with great heat comes great responsibility. With so many summer safety tips to share, I’ll get right to it.

Personal safety: The incidence rate of personal assault, muggings, rape, and robbery against individuals goes up as the weather improves and outdoor activities increase during the summer.

As always, please pay attention to your surroundings. Ladies, did you know that the number one place to be abducted or attacked is in a grocery store parking lot? Number two is office complex parking lots/garages. Number three is public restrooms. Look around, make it a habit to NOT let anyone sneak up on you, at home or outside.

Carry pepper spray where it’s legal and as soon as you can, sign up for a self-defense class. Even free self-defense classes can keep you that much safer. If someone does approach you in a manner that’s threatening, turn to face them head on and be prepared to fight back. Most attackers are looking for an easy target, and won’t mess with someone who seems prepared to fight.

Home Safety: In warmer weather, intruders know that they stand a greater chance of entering through a window that’s been left open at night. Do NOT leave your windows open if they are easily accessed or do not have a locking safety screen. People bake less in the summer and fry more. Keep a fire extinguisher ready, and make sure all smoke detectors and ESPECIALLY carbon monoxide detectors have a strong battery.
For more home safety tips, please see my article on Homeland Defense

Vehicle Safety: Parked vehicle temps can easily reach the equivalent of a hot oven. Do NOT leave children or animals in parked cars. If your vehicle doesn’t have air conditioning, leave the windows down only far enough to let in a breeze. Do NOT leave them down far enough for an attacker to reach in. This rule applies whether you’re driving or sitting in a parked car.
Tempers also tend to flare during the hotter months, so be prepared to hit the road with a little more patient and compassion. Road rage can kill.

Food Safety: There’s so much to know about summer food safety, much more than would fit in this article and not put you to sleep. Here’s a quick link:

Child Safety: Keep an eye on your children! Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure, and don’t forget to reapply! Keep kids hydrated. Have them wear hats and sunglasses. Limit their sun exposure. Always keep water, snacks and a first aid kit with you. Never leave them unattended near water. Keep them away from hot barbecue pits.

Pet Safety: Keep animals indoors. Never leave animals in cars. Beware of sunburn. Supervise swimming. Watch for heatstroke. Keep water and snacks with you.

And here’s one of my favorite new summertime safety tips:

Flip-flops, Crocs™ and other soft, rubbery footwear can actually sink into the escalator step as you’re riding it. This creates a greater potential for your footwear to go under the comb plate (the yellow teeth at the top and bottom of the escalator). Don’t let this happen to you. If you choose to wear rubbery footwear, be sure to take extra care to step over the comb plate as you get on and off the escalator.


I hope you’ve found at least one useful tip. Have anything to add? Comment down below!

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