Spring Forward by Rock N Roll

If you’ve followed my articles and my advice up to this point, I’m confident that you’ve a. become more aware of your surroundings; b. learned to position yourself in a safer way; c. learned to control your anger.

If you haven’t, then you’ve missed the most basic of info in this Basic Self-Defense column. No worries, just make sure you go back to those articles and practice what I preach. That is, if you’re interested in taking my knowledge and experience and learning what you can for free. Either way, let’s move forward, as this is the subject of the day.

Even with a combined 50 years’ worth of martial arts knowledge in our home, we will be the first to tell you that we don’t know half of what we’d like to know about self-defense. And even though we’ve trained in a system that combines 5 different styles of martial arts, we keep looking to other systems to increase our knowledge, lest we stagnate and dangerously believe the myth that we know all we need to know.

That’s not to say that we don’t teach our students enough to save their own lives from the very first lesson; any school worth their salt should be able to teach you how to defend yourself adequately in a week.

So why would you want to spend years in a dojo, and then find another dojo after you’ve progressed as far as you can in the first dojo? The answer is in the question: You’ve progressed as far as you can.

Humans must continue to move forward, to grow, or like everything else in nature, they stagnate. When you cease to move forward, you stop the healthy flow of energy that keeps your body and your mind in a state of progress. Like mosquitoes attracted to stagnant waters, our thoughts and actions begin to be repetitive, unproductive and eventually, at the least, annoying.

If you’ve learned all you can from free self-defenses classes, or articles (as the case may be), please consider finding a reputable school in which to hone your skills and self-discipline, and practice your techniques.

If you need help finding a school, listen in to Part 2 of my Basic Self-Defense show on TRIBE radio.

Rock’s Basic Self-Defense Tips Pt.2

And in the meantime, practice, practice, practice.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

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