Project HOPE and S.I.G.N.s of HOPE 2013


Once a year, the RLSH/X-Alt/RLSV/whatever-your-name-is get together in San Diego, California during the Comic-Con weekend and feed hundreds of San Diego’s homeless population.

The idea of Project HOPE was started by Mr. Xtreme of the Xtreme Justice League back in 2010 when he met up with seven other Real Life Superheroes to hand out food and water on the streets of downtown San Diego. In the second year of Project HOPE-which coincided with the premiere of the HBO Documentary, Superheroes, by Michael Barnett- the list of Superheroes in attendance grew to 35. Michael Jack Brinatte aka “RazorHawk” took over the project, and joined with many others to coordinate the gathering of food and supplies, and the handout. We fed hundreds of people and got to attend the screening of Superheroes on the big screen at Comic Con, and then attend the after-party at the Hard Rock Cafe. That was the first year that I got to attend, and it was where I hooked up with some of the finest people that I’ve had the privilege to meet.


The third year of Project HOPE saw 55 heroes and one Real Life Super Villain in attendance. We fed close to 1,000 people, and later that evening, 22 people met at a local Karaoke place to laugh and sing their hearts out.


Photo of Geist giving out a care pack. Photo by Raul Duke of the CAI.
Photo of Geist giving out a care pack. Photo by Raul Duke of the CAI.
Real Life Super Villain,
Real Life Super Villain, “The Golden Don” is vexed by all the generosity.

Last year, Project HOPE’s sister project, “S.I.G.N.s of HOPE” was created by the Initiative for those who wanted to attend Project HOPE, but couldn’t make it. The “Superheroes and Initiative Giving Network” made it possible for people around the world to join in on a day of giving and outreach in their own communities.


Twenty-one cities, thirteen states, and two countries participated in S.I.G.N.s of HOPE, making it an international day of homeless outreach.

This year, Project HOPE will be held on Saturday July 20, in San Diego, California. We will be handing out food and care packs to San Diego’s homeless, followed by a barbecue for all of the hungry workers in the afternoon. There are also talks of a “Superhero-themed” obstacle course in the works. If you can make it to San Diego, please visit our site:

For those who would like to participate and create a branch of S.I.G.N.s of HOPE in their communities, just contact us through the site link listed above.

HOPE to see you there!


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