The Good, The Bad and The Hungry: Dinner and a Movie

A new addition to S.T.A.N.D.!! Once a month we’ll be featuring food photos and dishes from the web page, The Good, The Bad and The Hungry. Each month the site asks its readers to post a new food dish inspired by the movie featured in their “Dinner and a Movie” challenge.

January’s dinner movie is an academy award nominee by director Ang Lee. Eat Drink Man Woman inspired these two dishes:


This is from Sakura Tora who writes –

Here is my January meal inspired by Eat Drink Man Woman. I’ve put together a meal representing each of the characters in the movie (I THINK I got their names right). Top left we have Jia-Jen and she is represented by Moroccan spiced turkey meatballs. Typically, meatballs bring an Italian dish to mind, but since Jia-Jen converted to Christianity, I decided to put a twist on the meatballs. She is also a chemistry teacher, and much like the chemist, 9 spices were blended together to create the Moroccan spice and give the turkey a unique flavor. Below on the left we have Jia-Chien. She is focused on her career working for the airlines and is represented by the green beans. Typically this dish would be made with ground sesame seeds, but I ground up peanuts (airplane food) with the sesame seeds. It is cooked in stock, with a bit of sugar to represent the sweet and salty feelings she has trying to balance her responsibilities and finding happiness. Top right is the youngest daughter, Jia-Ning represented by ripe berries. It is a contrast to her job working at a fast food restaurant, but she is vibrant and not afraid to show her colors. Finally we have the rice and the tea, which represents Mr. Chu, the father, who seems to be a simple man with simple pleasures and can seemingly feel overrun by his three daughters, but like rice and tea, is a strong, but simple supporter.


From Emerald Fael who writes –

Twice Cooked Pork: pork belly, leeks, hot peppers, red bell peppers, sweet bean sauce, soy sauce, and chili paste… the hotter the better.

Great job, ladies! The food in these photos are mouthwatering!

February’s movie is Chocolat!

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