Those Who Help Themselves by Rock N Roll

TV presenter Miquita Oliver in a Women's Aid campaign about domestic violence
At least once a week I’m talking about ways to prevent an attack, or how to stop a fight. I blog, I teach, and most recently, I co-host a radio show that talks a great deal about handling a fight.

But the real fight, the one I’m tackling every day, is fighting the desire to scream every time I see someone putting their own safety or property at risk in public places.
I’ve gone from face-palming to head-desking.

I’ve seen people on their cell phones while driving, walking in dangerous areas while “watching” their children. I’ve seen men and women sitting and reading in cars with their windows down and their doors unlocked. I’ve seen women texting at stop signs at night in high-crime areas. I’ve seen people counting their money in public. And mostly, I’ve seen people walking around, head down, completely unaware of their surroundings.

I got into this RLSH community because I had this unstoppable desire to help others, especially those who couldn’t help themselves.

I’ve tried to spread a good word here and there in the hopes that someone would pass the info on, and we’d all be a little safer and sounder. I get too worked up whenever I see someone behaving in a way that tempts nearby predators and fate. I keep trying to tell myself that we can’t help everyone, some people aren’t ready to hear, it’s survival of the fittest, etc., but I just don’t believe that yet.

Our lessons have already proven themselves invaluable by helping several people stay safer from harm than they would’ve been without the classes; our readers have shared how they’ve begun changing their habits. You think I’d be satisfied with this. I’m not.

I still hear about friends of friends who’ve been raped or injured and I wonder if those incidents could’ve been avoided with just a bit more knowledge and training.

I’m trying to focus on the good we’ve already done, but it’s hard to feel satisfied when there’s still so much bad that we read about in the news.

Maybe I’ll never feel satisfied. Maybe I’m not supposed to.

Maybe I’ve got work to do.

Here’s hoping 2013 is a safer, healthier and happier year for everyone!

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  1. Another very excellent post, Rock n Roll. I saw a video online once from an imprisoned mugger. He said, if I want to find a victim, I look for a woman walking and talking on her cell-phone, head to the ground… Why can’t we all learn from the actual criminals?

    • Thanks, Geist! And I agree, one of the smartest things we can do is to get ourselves to occasionally think like criminals in order to understand what they do, why and how they’ll do it. Thanks for the feedback!

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