Keeping It Real With Your Family On Thanksgiving by Vector

If you’re doing the cooking, or any cooking for the big turkey day, my one piece of advice is: Keep it real.

By realI mean stay away from overly processed, fake food. Use real butter, make your own gravy from scratch, use fresh fruits and veggies as often as you can. Your family deserves the healthiest and the best, especially on Thanksgiving Day.

And speaking of Thanksgiving Day, it’s often said that tryptophan in turkey is what makes you sleep after a Thanksgiving meal. There’s actually less tryptophan in turkey than in beef. What’s really making you sleepy is all those carbs and gluten from the potatoes and stuffing.

But hey, it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m not telling you to NOT indulge, but I can share a recipe with you that’s grain-free and therefore, low in glutens. Besides that, it tastes great.

Grain-free stuffing

Second, here’s something you might not know: cooking your turkey in anything with a Teflon or non-stick coating will add toxins to your food. These toxins have been known to kill small birds.

To learn more about this, click on this link:

Would you like toxins with your turkey?

So now you know a little bit more about eating real foods for Thanksgiving. Let me know how your recipes turn out, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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