Acidic Vs Alkaline, Ways To Fight The Big “C” by Vector

In one of my first articles, I talked a little bit about giving up sodas, but I think I missed one of the most important facts; sodas are extremely acidic.
But you know, that’s alright, because it allows me to tell you all about the “hero foods” that stop acidity – alkaline foods! You may be asking yourself, like I did at first, what the heck are alkaline foods? Isn’t that what’s in a battery? Well, it’s a chemical term, but you’d be right, it is a term used for batteries. Look it up and you’ll find the definition: “Having a pH greater than 7.” Right…pH…I remember something about that from deodorant commercials and fish tank care…hmm.

So what’s all this got to do with food? It all points to chemical, doesn’t it? It would seem that some foods are literally producing acid in your body…in your body, remember that. Not only that, they’re reducing the amount of oxygen in your blood. This is not a good thing. Acidic foods are the body’s villain. Here’s the scene, an acidic behemoth, let’s say the Soda Bot, enters the body and it sprays low pH “blasters”(Coke Classic = 2.63, battery acid is 1.00, water is neutral at 7…yikes) the body reacts to the blasters by getting inflamed and red, it’s not a good scene. Your body is self-healing, it’s a super-force to be sure, so it fights back with its natural alkaline reserves, like our own Ultra Man. The problem is, we eat so many foods that our body metabolizes as acidic, that we run out of alkaline reserves every day! It’s crazy.

Look, I love coffee. It’s amazing…but it’s #2 on the acidic charts, so I need to balance it out. What do I reach for? Lemon water. You read it right, lemon, an acidic food, but when the body is done metabolizing it we get an alkaline…chemistry, meet nutrition, I love it. It’s all magical and confusing, but that’s nature. But honestly, I never got too deep into chemistry, I need visuals, charts, colors. So, here you go…

If you want more color and visuals, think green. Most if not all green foods are alkalizing. Bam! Hero.
Sugars, mainly processed are acidic in our body, Crash! Villain.

Sugar is hidden in all sorts of foods, bread is a huge one.
According to the author of Wheat Belly, William Davis, MD tells us “two slices of whole grain bread increases blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of table sugar.”
So consider your sources.

Some of you may be thinking you’re one step ahead of everything, because you’re drinking sugar-free diet sodas…well, since we’re talking about chemistry and how the body processes everything. It has been said that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet sodas turns into formaldehyde in the body. There are debates about this one, but I look at people who are long term diet cola drinkers and I made a couple of observations. One if they’re overweight, they’re still overweight and two I notice a lot of cellulite. Does it cause cellulite? I’m not sure, but I do observe it. Aspartame has a bunch of nasty claims attached to it, so I avoid it…plus it just tastes nasty to me so y’all can have it if you want, I think lemon water is way better…I digress.

Some other important things to think about. Diseases, including the big “C” cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment. Alkaline foods help to produce oxygen in the body.
If you want to see the effect of too much acidic food, just look around you. I’ve seen actors on TV looking bloated and puffy…they’re not fat, they’re inflamed! OK some of them are kinda fat, too, but really, look around, they’re everywhere.

So much of our foods are processed, it’s tough to tell what’s really in them. I like Sean Croxton’s motto “Just Eat Real Food” or JERF.
Yes, there’s a t-shirt for that, here ya go
Most if not everything I’ve shared here can be found on his site, or in one of his many free podcasts on iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.
You can also check out the Fat Burning Man on iTunes and for lots and lots of nutritional geek-out info.

Here’s another spiffy link I found on the subject, it didn’t show any sources…but I think the info holds up pretty well…

To wrap it up, eat more green, alkalizing foods. They put out the acidic flames that are more than likely occurring in your body.

Study up! Check out the chart and learn what foods are acidic and what’s alkaline! I forget all the time and there are a ton of charts out there on the Interwebs.

Learn more by telling others about it. When we share, we learn.

Ask yourself what’s in it for you? Most of the bad foods we eat have very few good things to offer us, nutritionally speaking…it’s so basic it’s nearly not worth mentioning…but there it is.

Try giving up one food or drink in the villainous acidic family and take notes on how you feel after not having it for a day or even a week. We gave up soda in our family years ago and we’ve never looked back!

Eat like a hero, y’all.

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