Peace Is The Safest Choice by Rock N Roll

Peace is the way of the Jedi.

First of all, I’ve got to wish a big HAPPY BIRTH-WEEK to my partner in crime-fighting, to the guy who holds my hand when I’m sick, makes me laugh when I’m sad, encourages me when I’m weak, and, most importantly, reminds me to calm down and breathe.

And when I say “most importantly,” I mean it. All that other mushy stuff means nothing if you didn’t hitch your wagon to someone who can provide a balance to an otherwise imbalanced situation. I’m all for independence, and I’ve never looked for a partner to make me feel whole. I was raised by parents who taught me to respect and like myself first, before trying to add another human to the equation. I absolutely enjoy my solitude. But when it comes to my relationships, I embrace my codependence.

NightBug provides the yang to my yin. Where I tend to rush in, he stops first to consider. In our line of extracurricular activity, or “Job-hobby,” the balance between these two can make the difference between an event that turned out well, and an event that turned dangerous.

When I become impassioned about something I’ve seen or heard, I’m wont to act impetuously, always looking for the instant gratification of cause and effect, regardless of the outcome. NightBug reminds me to stop and consider other P.O.V.’s, often -much to my chagrin- playing the devil’s advocate, himself. But dammit if he isn’t right much of the time. I said, “much,” Bug. Don’t push it.

Take a tip from NightBug, since it’s his birthday anyway: Don’t fly off the handle. Stop and breathe while counting to 10, 5, or whatever you can make it to to vent a little bit of your steam before acting. If you try this on the road, you can keep from causing or being involved in an accident. If you try this at your work, you’ll find that your coworkers will be easier to work with. And if you try it out on your patrols, or in everyday life, you’ll probably save your own life.

And if your life isn’t worth saving first, come and hang out with Bug and I before going on any patrols.

We’ll teach you the best martial art in the world: self control.

One comment

  1. Amen, Rock!! I have been working on this for a while, and am still working on it. I have a calming Santana song on my phone, which I use as a time-out. Some days I use it quite frequently and it has saved me a lot of grief.

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