All The News That’s Fit to Print


ø Misery White and Blue have started up a new Facebook community organization page, B.A.M.B.O.O. – Blue And Misery Building Outreach Opportunities, a “MN Community resource and information page promoting safe and compassionate behavior.” Go give it a read and be sure to “like” it!

ø As of September 2nd, the California Initiative has removed a record 700+ needles from the street! Much thanks to Olde School for beginning this endeavor – the original goal was 100 needles for 2012!

ø One of the grandfathers of the RLSH community, Thanatos, continues his fundraising campaign to assist in funding his ongoing homeless outreach efforts. Please visit and lend a hand!

ø Zero of the NYI has begun an interesting series of practical videos on his Facebook page on a variety of topics, beginning with how to foil wire ties, zip ties, and handcuffs.

❥ Congratulations to The Baroness and Kaptain Blackheart, who were married on August 18th!

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