All The News That’s Fit To Print

ø With almost 50 heroes in attendance, Project HOPE participants bagged enough food (and other items) to feed over 1000 of San Diego’s homeless population. Sunburns notwithstanding, many heroes were deeply moved by the camaraderie and determination that was shared by all. Big Thanks to Sage Michael, RazorHawk, DC’s Guardian, and all who attended to make Project HOPE 2012 a success!

ø S.I.G.N.s of HOPE took place all over the U.S. and parts of Canada during July. Heroes provided food and essentials to homeless in their areas. Great job, and thank you for your hard work and compassion!

ø Knight Owl is officially a Paramedic! Congratulations on passing his written exam.

ø Love is in the air! Our congratulations go out to:

❥ White Knight and Venus Love, who were married on August 4th!

❥ Ira Iasan Ui’Raghallaigh on his recent engagement!

❥ Sage Michael and The Handler on their recent engagement!

❥ Kaptain Blackheart and The Baroness on their upcoming wedding!

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