Healthier Summer Eating by Teletran-One

Believe it or not, foods that we eat on vacations or holidays DO COUNT! Stop fooling yourselves by thinking you can celebrate today and not pay for it tomorrow. Instead, why not celebrate today with something new, delicious and HEALTHY!

If you don’t think it can be done, you’ve probably been living in a cave.

For instance, that tired old flag cake that you’ve been making every 4th of July – We’ve already seen it!! A hundred times! It tastes good, but it’s probably full of unhealthy ingredients, and let’s face it, it’s boring!

Instead, why don’t you try something fun and fit for adults and kids alike. The fruit flag above is a great example of this.

Grilling? Of course you are! We all are in the summertime! How about something like this:

Grilled corn is still a mouth-watering favorite!

Looking for an entire picnic menu? Well how about this:

No-Potato salad, green chili turkey burgers, summer fruit salad, and almond-flour chocolate-chip cookies. In case you haven’t noticed, this is also a paleo diet. If that doesn’t matter to you, this will still taste fantastic!

You can find those recipes here (it’s a great site):

Elena’s Pantry

And how about a fruity beverage to cool you off?

Check this out:

This one is a white-wine sangria, but you can also make it into a lemonade for the kids, or even better – a fruit water refresher.

Hope this gave you some ideas for making your body and your taste buds happier this summer!

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