Summer Life Saver! Angel Alert Distance Monitor

Summer is supposed to be a time of “lazy, hazy, crazy days,” not a time of added stress or worry. But as the days grow warmer and our to-do lists grow longer, so does the risk of injury to our children.

Along with remembering our sunblock, hydration, and bug repellent, we also have to increase our awareness of where our children are in the crowded playgrounds, pool areas, beaches, amusement parks and festival grounds. In the United States,  a child is reported missing or abducted every 40 seconds, which translates to 2000 children per day.

And tragically, the number of heat-related deaths of infants in vehicles is also growing. The overwhelmed parent, in their haste to get to work on time, forgets that it was their turn to drop their child off at daycare, and leaves the child in a hot vehicle that can kill within hours.

We here at STAND do not wish to cast a gray cloud over your summer plans, but we feel that it’s our duty to bring to your attention this simple device that can keep a child safer, and possibly save a life.

The Angel Alert Child Distance Monitor has been STAND tested and approved. says, “The Angel Alert Distance Monitor is an early warning child locator device, that detects when a child strays too far from adult supervision. This type of child locator is ideal for malls, busy urban areas, theme parks, airports, wherever you might lose track of a child.

The Angel Alert is a great missing child locator becuse of its design. Angel Alert is activated when pulled apart into two small, lightweight easy to wear units; one each for adult and child. Child wears transmitter and adult wears receiver; an alarm sounds on the adult’s receiver when the child strays too far from supervising adult.”

When attached to an infant’s car seat, the monitor sounds when the parent moves too far from the infant’s monitor, thus preventing parents from forgetting about the infant in the back seat.

At about $30 for each unit, and $55 for a set of two, this device is the smartest, safest investment you can make.

Please share this link with anyone who spends time with children.

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