All The News That’s Fit To Print

ø Congratulations are in order for Olde School of the California Initiative who has graduated with his teaching degree from SFSU!

ø Knight Owl‘s practical paramedic exam is on June 30th. Break a leg, K.O.! (And then splint it, like a good paramedic!)

ø Miss Fit is raising money for the fight against cancer. Join her or at least cheer her on as she battles the Warrior Dash mud run on October 27.

ø Rock N. Roll and NightBug of the CAI graduated from Citizen Police Academy on May 15.

ø Many people showed their love and support for Power Boy by contributing to his fundraiser. The goal of $700 was met in just a few days.

ø Everyone’s favorite hero Thanatos is hoping to raise $2000 to help the homeless people of Vancouver, BC. Please give what you can to help him continue his efforts. Click here to donate.

ø Just added two more cities and one more state to SIGNs of HOPE!! Join us in this international day of homeless outreach!

ø A few days ago, Real Life Super Villain Lord Malignance issued a challenge to his fellow Villains: “Let’s not pick fights for one week. Saturday to Saturday. As One is the biggest offender, One might be best to suggest this. Consider it a challenge to a Villain’s honor. Who can go the longest, without hiding out, without insulting (unless done very skillfully), and judged by the community?”

Few of us believed the Villains could hold their deadly, forked tongues long enough to deliver their RSVP to the challenge, while others had already placed bets on their favorites. Thirteen Villains accepted his challenge, and on Saturday morning, we were treated to a different sight than most of us had the capacity to fathom:

Kinder, happier, Villains! Yay! 

Posts like Kaptain Blackheart’s  “Happy days to one and all we love you very much” and Baroness’ (to Jebediah VonDeathbread) “Just dropping by to say I love you to death! Yay! Your the bestest villain ever! Yay!” had some of us puking in our own shoes by the end of day one.

Despite the sugar coma-inducing façade, I believe this conversation between Verbish and Lord Malignance summed it up for many of the Villains:

Verbish’s Post:
“Day One of Lord Malignance’s Super Vilain challenge. No insulting or being argumentative for a week. I feel like a mutant on M-Day.”

As the hours dragged on, the posts got sillier, the challengers became louder, and the shared pictures…well, see for yourself:

As of this posting, there are 10 Villains left standing: ZyklonB, St. Jimmy, Baroness, Kap, Donnie, Overlord, Verbish, Wraith, LM, and Lord Mole.

We admire your courage and tenacity. Good luck, Godspeed, and someone pass the barf bag until our old Villains remove the muzzles. Someone win this challenge already. This kindness is making me nauseated.

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