How To Find A Dog A New Forever Home by The Handler

There are many wholehearted people out there who dedicate their free time to rescue dogs in need. Often, they exhaust resources and get emotionally drained helping and getting flooded with calls from owners asking for help.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Owners can successfully re-home their pet without the need to take them to the shelter or put them in the hands of the already overwhelmed rescues.

Some of the things that can be done to help a dog find a new home are:

Get the dog ready, a groomed, vaccinated, and spay or neuter dog will get adopted much faster.

Make flyers! Take a couple of good pictures of the dog and write a paragraph about him emphasizing his best traits, but do be honest about his personality! after all the goal should be to find a forever home.

Do not give the dog away to a stranger for free, unfortunately that can make your dog prey of an unfortunate future. Ask for a reasonable adoption fee and have them sign a simple adoption contract, you can find many online (click here for an adoption form sample). It is a formality that could help land him with a responsible new owner.

Post a printed version of the flyer on vet clinics, pet stores, grocery stores, and any other place you can think of.

Place a classified add on local newspapers, some of them are very cheap or even free! Make sure it appears on a highly visible day like on a Sunday.

An electronic version of this flyer is ideal to send via email to as many family and friends as you can, ask them to do the same.

Facebook and other social media outlets are ideal to network your adoptee. You can dedicate a page to him or simply post him on your wall and ask friends to share.

Post a free add on the pet section of Craigslist; make sure to screen the interested candidates, meet at a public place first to get the first impression.

There are many pet websites like ‘Pet finder’ that have a free classified section for pets looking for a home, post in as many as you can.

Make a scarf or use a T-shirt that reads “adopt me” and go out and about. The more you have him be seen the higher the possibilities for the right adopter to appear.


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