Just One Bad Apple by The Baroness

Real Life Superheroes were in the spotlight quite a bit last week. While Nadia Fezzani has given the public an insider’s look at the good being done by many of the heroes, one person in the community made a serious error in judgment. A hero from a notable group actually takes a shotgun on patrol with him! It left everyone wondering what happens next. And as a result the majority of the movement cried foul!

“In my opinion it boils down to character choices. You have to live up to the psyche of their pre-conceived character choices. In this case Bee Sting lived up to his.“ –Matches Malone

Does this change public opinion? Now instead of seeing a “superhero” trying to help will everyone in a mask be an assumed terrorist of sort, a costumed crazy? With media enflaming the situation everybody has serious concerns. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the people perpetrating to be heroes are untrained liabilities. Their ideas on what it means to be a hero are misguided. On the flip side of the coin you have those like Rock N Roll, NightBug, Jack Cero, and Silver Sentinel. They know what they are doing, they educate themselves and they act according to the law. Hey, even Phoenix Jones didn’t carry a shotgun!

The greatest concern here is that this is going to upset the already delicate balance that is shared between mask and law enforcement. How long until the Keene Act takes affect? Those who wear masks are NOT vigilantes and are NOT the police, they should work in accordance with the law to make the streets a safer place, not take the role of judge, jury, and executioner.

Now my being a villain means that it is my role in this community to play devil’s advocate but in this situation I don’t believe it is necessary. Contrary to popular belief it is not my goal to destroy the community. As a matter of fact, if there were no heroes I would be out of a gig. I believe that this is a big enough incident that the heroes are policing themselves.

“I don’t think it’s going to split the community very badly. When PJ got arrested, at least there wasn’t a shotgun involved, and it was pretty much between those who supported him and those who didn’t. In BS’s case, even his own teammates are saying they don’t condone his actions.“ –NightBug

Although I am an advocate for second amendment rights, with great power comes great responsibility. Bee Sting did not act responsibly and the other heroes have let it be known that they do not agree. It is unfortunate that the community is lumped together as a whole and the only time individuals are usually recognized is when they cross the line. For this reason it’s important for us to remind each other about the good things that this strange brand of costumed activism accomplishes. So at the end of the day I say let’s not dwell on one person’s mistakes. Just keep fighting the good fight. That way an evil mastermind such as myself will have TRULY worthy opponents.

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