The Latest News That’s Fit To Publish

ø Tawana Williams joined a group of children who volunteered to plant a garden in New Jersey for AngelaCARES, Inc. (a nonprofit organization whose vision is to establish a caring and helpful world).

ø Bioman was on his way to the hospital as this was being published, but it’s a good thing – his new baby is on the way!

ø Project HOPE was recently awarded $3000 by The Random Acts, which is the charity founded by Misha Collins, from SuperNatural. According to Project HOPE’s coordinator, Michael Jack Brinatte (aka Razor Hawk): “They had a contest for creative charity. I entered, but was not letting myself get my hopes up, and tonight I got an e-mail that said not only did we win, but we won first prize which is $3000.00 donated to your charity!”

While this is fantastic news, Project HOPE still needs donations to feed the homeless community of San Diego. Last year Project HOPE fed over 600 people. For more information about Project HOPE, and how you can help, visit the website.

ø For those who want to help out Project HOPE, but can’t make it to San Diego in July, SIGNs of HOPE is coming to a town near you. The Superhero & Initiative Giving Network is currently recruiting volunteers to bring Project HOPE to their cities during the weekend of July 14-15. For more info, please check Silver Sentinel or Rock N. Roll‘s facebook page, or any of the Initiative facebook pages. Please contact Rock N. Roll with any questions.

ø Watch Johnnie Saiko on TV!! Actor, Creature/Special Effects artist and musician, Johnnie is on the show Monster Man every Wednesday night on SyFy.

ø Ironhead‘s band just released a new video!

ø Danger Man‘s film Girls Aren’t For Sale screened yesterday in Hollywood. Click on his facebook page for more info.

ø Sect’Orthree has a new YouTube video.

ø Only 18 days ’til The Avengers comes out!

Any news to share? Contact us by clicking on Contributing Articles; Put “NEWS” in the subject line. Thanks!

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