Think Before You Leap by The Baroness

One of the most important things about being a part of this community is personal accountability. Contrary to popular belief, it applies evenly across the board.

Whether you tag yourself as an RLSH, X-Alt, Costumed Activist, Mask or Villain the most important thing to remember is that behind the masks we are all just people standing up and trying to be heard.

“If you hang out with chickens, your’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Whether you like it or not you are always being watched by someone. Before you say or do anything always be prepared for the possible fallout. Every action has an equal or greater reaction. It is your responsibility to everyone in the community to act in a manner befitting of the mask. When you put on your costume you have to be above reproach. You have to be the super you. Whether you are on patrol or on a heroes’ forum, take the moral high ground. Be respectful to everyone.

The other side of the coin is holding each other accountable. If you see someone stepping out of line it is also your responsibility to do your part to shut it down. I know from personal experience this community attracts all kinds of people, some good, some not so good. Whether or not your heart is in the right place, your head should always be. Think before you act, speak or leap. Ask yourself whether or not your behavior is inappropriate before you actually execute that behavior. If you choose to ignore this advice do not be surprised if someone calls you on the carpet. Even if you are not accountable to yourself your peers will hold you accountable to them.

Let’s not forget you are wearing the uniform of a hero. A uniform that is recognizable and universally known as “the good guy”. If you choose to abuse that power you are disrespecting all those who have worn it before you, leaving a black mark on those who wear it with you, and will be judged by those who will wear it after you.


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