The Latest News That’s Fit to Publish

ø Three of our favorite couples got engaged last year! Our congratulations go out to Josephine Venture and Joshua Stone, Misery White and Blue, and The Baroness and Kaptain Blackheart. We wish them many happy years, good health and smooth sailing!

ø And speaking of smooth sailing, we at S.T.A.N.D. would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest staff member, and bringer of all things deadly and delightful, The Baroness. We look forward to her insight, candor, and we hope she keeps The Eye from burning our building down.

ø Project HOPE 2012 is gearing up for launch in July. Be sure to follow its progress and save your pennies for the trip to San Diego.

ø The 1st Annual RLSH MXC Challenge is also underway, to be held during the HOPE 2012 weekend. If you’ve never heard of a Most Extreme Challenge, just click on the link. Obstacle courses, prizes, fun, a barbecue, and even a hot female wrestler in pudding! All for a good cause. (Charity TBA) Let the games begin!

ø Thanks to the generosity of the community, over $1500 was raised to help Power Boy get into the Mayo Clinic for testing and treatment. This is just one of the great things we can do when we all work together!

ø Olde School of the The CAI, (the California branch of the New York Initiative), is gathering socks for a large homeless handout in the San Francisco bay area. If you’d like to contribute, check out his page.

ø You can catch the Roaming Eye of Doom’s new radio show here.

ø And click here to enjoy the Superhero Academy blog talk radio show.

Anything we forgot? Just let us know at


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