Basic Training Pt. 2 – Positioning by Rock N. Roll


Never underestimate the power of positioning.

From the moment we’re about to come into this world, to the moment we leave our bodies, how we’re positioned determines our happiness.

Good hand positioning can make or break a piano or guitar solo; good positioning to the dealer in a poker game can make you money; good positioning during sex can create a better experience; good positioning can find you a better cell-phone signal; good positioning can win a chess game, win an argument, win a war; good positioning can save your life.

Another one of the basics to learn and master in martial arts, positioning comes only second to awareness. The important thing to remember about both is that one is almost ineffective without the other.

If you’ve followed my advice from the last post, your awareness should be greatly heightened by now. If you haven’t yet, you can start right now. There is no drawback to practicing better awareness and positioning at the same time.

How to practice better positioning:

-Keep yourself out of dangerous situations.

Sure, this sounds blatantly obvious, but have you ever viewed the Fail blogs? That site is filled with prime examples of bad positioning.

To expound on this most foreign of concepts (for some people, it seems):

-Whenever possible, travel with a companion after dark.

-Ride in the crowded part of the train or bus.

-Cross the street to the other side if your path is blocked by suspicious people.

-Keep at least half a tank of gas in your car at all times, in case of emergency.

-Try to never sit with your back to the door, know where all the exits are.

-Don’t rush in to break up a fight between two strangers. Assess the situation first.

-While in parked cars, keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked. If necessary, only open windows an inch.

-When answering the door, check the peephole from behind a locked door first.

-Never let strangers into your personal safety space while talking to you.

-Don’t tailgate.

These are just a few ways that you can practice keeping yourself safe through better positioning. There are better positioning choices to make throughout your entire day. Practice, practice, and soon this will become a habit that’s as natural as breathing. And it’ll help to keep you breathing.

Addendum for the holiday season:

-Don’t pull your cash out in public. Wait until you’re ready to pay for your purchases.
-When leaving your gifts in the car, place them in the trunk, not in plain view.
-Make sure to put your credit cards back as soon as the transaction’s finished.
-If possible, shop with a friend.
-Keep an eye on your purse or wallet at all times.

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