All Hail The Eye! by The Baroness

A featured post from one of our readers-

I am the Baroness, agent of the Roaming Eye of Doom. The EYE is comprised of a group of like minded individuals bent on world domination. While we do believe that the idea behind the community is noble, the actions of few reflect poorly on the entirety. We here at Station 19, decided it was time to make a difference. Observe and report. There is power in laughter and thus our method was adopted.

My mission is to call attention to the “heroes” who act in ways unbecoming of a hero. I feel like if you are going to give yourself that title, you better act accordingly. Unfortunately it seems that the majority of the men and women calling themselves “heroes” are untrained, egotistical, fan boys. There are multiple problems with this.

The first being the most obvious, someone is going to get hurt. There has recently been some events that have been huge in the media with “heroes” acting before they think. This was an interesting case because it was caught on tape, but really how often do you think this happens? My concern here is not only for innocent people on the street being accosted with mace and other home made weapons, but also the “heroes” themselves. I am a woman and if someone in a costume and mask came at me in any way, even if its to help, I would panic. I would instinctively act to protect myself against the imposing threat, and I am not alone. The situation could be easily escalated. Now this wouldn’t be a concern if there was some sort of training required, some sort of leadership, and regulations. Unfortunately, there is not.

The thing that sets us apart from other villains and groups is the fact that we don’t hate just for the sake of hating. We do not loathe all heroes, just the ones that bring it on themselves. I also believe that the medicine is always easier to swallow with a little sugar. We try to satirize our commentary to show just how ridiculous this is all becoming. Our message is clear. We are a direct response to the absurd antics of the “hero” community at large.

We enjoy the opportunity to indulge negative aspects of our personalities as well – teasing, mocking, tormenting – all things we love to do to those who ask for it. We don’t make unfair statements. We don’t out peoples’ other identities. We don’t low blow. We speak the truth and simply verbalize what everyone else is thinking. Sometimes we are ironic, and…. We make people laugh. Whats not to love?

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