Welcome! Take a STAND.

We are the first website dedicated to female real life superheroes!
Once a month we’ll be bringing you tips and information specifically geared toward helping you on your journey to making the world a safer place.

From strength training to serenity meditations to safer animal handling, we cover a veritable plethora of topics, designed to help you develop and maintain a balance in both your superhero and every-day life.

We believe that “real life superheroes” are people who dedicate themselves to doing good deeds, with or without masks. We are women just like you. We’re wives, we’re mothers, we’re sisters and aunts; we’re workers, we’re nurturers, we’re fighters. We struggle, we celebrate and we overcome. Most importantly, we support and we share.

The women who’ve created this site, and the women (and men) who contribute their insights have all come together in the spirit of progress, and in the hopes that this site will become another source of light for anyone still finding their way in the confusion that can sometimes be the world of female superheroism.

We might not have super powers, we might not be comic-book superheroes, but we strive to embrace their ideals, and we hope, by virtue of our actions, that something heroic, indeed – something super – can be accomplished.


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