Meet Rock N Roll


My name is Rock N Roll and I’m a pacifist.

But let me ‘splain, Lucy. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

The absolute pacifist is a bad citizen; times come when force must be used to uphold right, justice and ideals. ~ Alfred North Whitehead

I am of the firm belief that disputes can and should be peacefully resolved. When they cannot be, I also believe in using force.

You wouldn’t know it from just looking at me, but I’ve got the equivalent of a giant Twinkie’s worth of unpleasant ghosts stored in my containment unit. Like many of you out there, a violent, unfortunate event was the impetus to my becoming an X-Alt, RLSH, etc. I don’t look back on it as something negative, however, as I’m sure I wouldn’t be who I am today had it not happened. And in the grand scheme of things, the ability to focus on this current moment without regretting the past or worrying about the future is a greater gift to take from that event than a lifetime filled with anger and bitterness, right? Right.

It’s in the spirit of this positive mindset that I’m offering my advice to you, dear reader, should you decide to take the proactive stance against becoming a victim of violent crime. And it’s my fervent hope that you’ve already taken that stance, since you’re reading a website dedicated to helping out female peacekeepers.

Who am I to be giving out basic self-defense tips?

First off, I’m a survivor who would rather heal others than hurt them. But after that, I’m a CMT, and a college grad who earned a couple of letters that have nothing to do with my current line of work, other than teaching me the importance of tenacity; I’m a musician and an author who’s published a book on females in the security industry, and most relevant to this column, I’m a martial arts instructor. I’m a co-founder of the California branch of the New York Initiative, and I’m here to help you learn to trust yourself.

Good health and happiness to you, and may you find this column to be a useful tool in your chosen path as a fellow peacekeeper!


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