Meet Moxie Gusto

My code-name is Moxie. I’m a concerned citizen living in north-west Louisiana. My husband, Cognito, and I have been working together as non-traditional responders and crime-fighters for nearly twenty years. Neither of us wears a costume or a mask, as the laws of our state forbid it. We are “average Joes” showing those around us that anyone can accomplish amazing things with just a little determination and a desire to do some good in the world.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Moxie as: Noun. 1: energy, pep ; 2: courage, determination ; 3: know-how. Why did I give myself such an “arrogant” code- name? Everyone is made up of complex emotions, and we are driven by the emotions that we give power to. Moxie is a champion in the fight against apathy and diffidence, both within me and in those around me. Care and concern is a renewable resource, and the more I nurture it within myself, the more I see it blossom and grow in those I interact with.

At the heart of everything I do is the concept of simplicity. Simple living is about eliminating sources of stress and distraction from our lives so that we can focus on the things that are most important. To live simply is to live within your means, to use only the resources you need, and to act with purpose. Simple living helps make me a better wife, a better mother, and a better crime-fighter.

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” Lao Tzu

“Simple in actions and in thoughts, you return to the source of being.” Lao Tzu


  1. I know Moxie online only, but have known her longest of those on your staff. She’s awesome! She’s wise and won’t take any BS. While having the real-world experience to know when enough is enough, she’s also got a rebel spirit.

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