Meet Misery White

THROWING ROCKS by Misery White

I have been blessed with a charmed life. Not easy or ideal, but hidden in the ugliness of my experience were beautiful treasures.

When I was a young kid, I had a very pronounced stutter. The tallest in every class, I was nothing but knees and elbows. My family moved often, and I went to 6 different schools in 5 years before my 12th birthday. I felt ugly and awkward, was very bashful and quiet: I made an excellent target for bullies, literally. At one school in particular, a pack of kids threw rocks at me during recess and called me “Sasquatch.”

Sometimes the barrage of rocks felt like an avalanche and I came out bruised and a little emotionally broken, but instead of continually crawling away, hiding from the pain, I finally chose to STAND and take it. In fact I began to pick up the ugly rocks that pummeled me and instead of whipping them back at the source of who and/or what intended to hurt me, I kept the rocks and started mentally polishing them. I will keep picking them up and polishing them into beautiful stones that I can give to others as a reminder that we all have choices. We can choose to forgive and be free, and continue loving and living. If sharing my experiences can be a resource or comfort to others, than I have shared another polished stone and the pain was worth the reward.

In the months ahead, I will share my varied experiences as well as my passions (directly related in most cases): Causes that support survivors of Bullying, Child Abuse and Neglect, Loss of Loved Ones, Violence against Women and Children, Rape, Depression, Stalking and Crime against Women, as well as many others. I also support peacekeeping of all kinds, and anti-crime efforts. We will learn more about each other, and I encourage you to contact me regarding any topic, via private message if you like, on my Facebook page, or email.

I am a Christian. My relationship with Jesus has saved my life numerous times and helped me to get through some very rough days. I draw strength from my faith, and knowing that I’m somehow truly loved, horrible imperfections and all. Through all my own Misery and mistakes, my blackened heart has been made White again through His sacrifice and love for me. I am Misery White.


  1. I’ve worked with Miz more so than the others. She’s extremely smart and wary on the streets. Trustworthy, brave and extremely aware of everything around her, she’s a real Hero you can rely on.

  2. And I think that Miz has given us all one of those polished stones to the Great Lakes Alliance who patrol with her. If she sees fit, I’d like to receive a physical one. “JUST NOT IN THE FACE!” 😉

    • I was actually thinking of doing that! I gave one to Blue but didn’t explain it. (I didn’t even throw it at him…) I’ll hook ya up. 🙂

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